The Share Deeper Movement

Little known fact: Our Leo Cor founder, Daniel Tswei spent the last 30 years as a very talented hair cutter. A term he prefers to hairdresser or stylist as his love for the skill is all in cutting the finest cut.
When travelling with Leo Cor, Dan always has his scissors handy so that he can treat the girls to new haircuts, build their confidence and self-esteem ways other than KravMaga. Just look at that smile on her little face in this picture. 

Whatever your skill, you can share it on a deeper level by putting it towards the women and girls in circumstances that may not have the privilege or ability to enjoy it goes so far.
Maybe you cut hair, can teach how to better clean teeth, can play football, give hugs, take pictures, anything you believe you can give, you can. And we want to enable that.

Using the Share Deeper # we’d like to invite as many of you as possible to share pictures of you doing what you love with a suggestion of how you can offer this to others too! If this is something that you think you can offer and take on our journeys with us, then get in touch and lets put this movement into action.