Events and Fundraising

On this particular fundraiser, we would like to be able to give back to one of our trainers in Nepal who has become such a valued member of the team, and also a friend. This money raised will go towards her son’s education, and her livelihood for the month, allowing her to take a little time away from work to come and work with us again and continue to translate our teaching into the local language, enabling community and understanding further than we would be able to without her. This woman has touched our lives, and through her testimonials (watch the video) it seems we have had the honour of helping her also.

Forever grateful for the work she does with us, and also all that she has done after our departure to keep the training going and the girls empowered, we would like to be able to give back and show her how much she means to us, how grateful we are, and also to enable her to continue the wonderful empowerment that she is spreading in Nepal still.

Please do what you can to help with this cause. £600 is roughly 90,000 rupees, and a months rent, bills, education, wages. In raising this amount, we can get Pawana time out of work so that she can spend some of that time working with us to continue teaching and translating for us in our venture to train the young women in Nepal in self-defence.