LEO COR is a not-for-profit charity that sets out to counter and raise awareness of sexual abuse and exploitation in communities nationally and internationally through the rapid training of the Krav Maga self defence system.

LEO COR exists to train, establish and support these communities in the use of Krav Maga for the purpose of combating sexual assault or indeed actions that subvert the choices of the vulnerable.

Leo Cor (Latin for ‘lion heart’) was devised by Dan Tswei when he was contacted in 2012 by an organisation in India requesting his self-defence teaching for girls and women that were living in high-risk areas and situations in India. As Dan is an instructor of Isreali Special Forces Krav Maga, he is the ideal candidate for an instructor to be teaching pure self-preservation classes to the women and children that needed it.

This teaching helps to empower them, show them that they have rights, and to use their voices to stand up to their attackers and say ‘No’ when the time comes. The lives they live, we wouldn’t wish on any of one, but in such a place as they reside, all precautions must be taken. Threats such as kidnap, trafficking, rape, assault, chemically administrated attacks and even murder are not out of the ordinary threats for those living in India and Nepal. Places that Leo Cor visited in 2015 to help, and make an impact for those that need the help.

Leo Cor is in the early stages of becoming a registered charity. Currently standing as a CASC, a Community Action Sports Club. Founded in Cornwall, the group also provide teaching close to home, taking lessons, talks, workshops and demonstrations into schools and colleges, they have a following of all ages and appreciation from all that they have taught.

Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defence that is unlike any martial art. It focuses on self-preservation and teaches a mindset that brings confidence without being arrogant and looking to show off. Those that have learned Krav Maga well, know to avoid the attack and that getting home safely is the main objective. Now being used in over 500 police and military units worldwide, it is the fasted form of self-defence and used by young children in poverty-stricken areas abroad, to celebrities with their own bodyguards in the public eye.

What We Do

The impacts we have made have only come back with feedback of positive comments and thanks. Callbacks asking us to stay longer, teach more, and to keep on keeping on. In one mere year of journeying with our team, reaching out to those who need help, we have worked with some of the most rewarding souls, those who are so eager to learn and soak up what we bring them. They have the dedication to perfect any defences we teach because they know the difference it can and will make in their day to day dangers.

We teach because how can you not, when you know what is needed. The image of the hand holding a water pipe and shutting off the water to a young dying of thirst child comes to mind. You can’t deny someone a life skill when the skill itself is teaching how to live.

In the teaching, a wide range of attacks and defences are covered as the saying “expect the unexpected” is always in mind. From basic contact combat to multiple attackers, ground fighting, sharp edge and blunt impact weapons, firearms, and even defence against acid attacks and chlorophyll. You mustn’t be alarmed reading words such as those because, for some, they are everyday language that is put in sentences of “Be careful on your walk to school, watch out for…” 
This is what we do. And why we do it.

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